Sunday, August 14, 2011

I hate shakespeare, yeah I said it. And i need a poem.?

For the entirety of our lives as students we are brainwashed to believe that falls under the category of "good" literature, that is, stuff thats worth talking and writing about, are only the old, flowery, "highly-symbolic" snooze-fests that have been loved for so many years (hundreds actually, theyre all so old and boring) and so have become "the clics". You're only able to get an A if you write a paper on Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc. (you know, "one of the greats"). If you write about your best friends neighbor's lesser known novel, youre bound to get an F, regardless of content. Its all about fame and status, but if we never build up the little guys, we'll be stuck forever. I was recently igned a poetry project. Now, I obviously need, to do well, poetry with plenty of substance to pick through. But i find the clics, the ones teachers are willing to accept, are just way too flowery, and often unoriginal. The language they use removes from impact, and the topics they go on about have no meaning, and everyone seems to use the same metaphors, symbols, references, etc. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE ORIGINAL. I want for this project some poetry thats different. I want a poem to be blunt and harsh, down to earth, and matter-of-fact. I need a poet to act like a real person, and show the truth of real human emotions, which arent commonly flowery. A sad poem should have the same impact of a friend bursting into tears in front of you, a poem about anger should have the same affect as a sinister glare, a fit of rage with curses and fist pounding, maybe even a punch in the face. You get the picture. So if you can, please suggest some poetry for me. It'd be much appreciated. I'm fed up with sifting through this field of plastic daisies people call beautiful poetry.

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