Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teacher yelled at me for doing something good!?

Today I spoke to my teacher about me wanting to write essays as extension work, because my exams are coming up and I want to revise in the best possible ways I can. I told her and immediately she began to laugh out really loud (in a crazy sense) with big gestures and told me to get out! She yelled at me so loud the whole corridor could hear her and took another studen'ts anger out on me and said How I am not going to do the essay because she said No-one in my cl does the work (which is exaggerated), and she umed that I would not do the essay and said why should she mark the extra work (my headteacher and other teachers have always advised me to do extension work by doing extra essays.) She went all pantomine on me and No-one has ever spoke to me like that ever, I just stayed quiet while she was yelling at me. I have never felt this inadequate ever, I mean when other teachers disagree with me they talk to me in a civilised sense, the last time I was shouted at when I was 12 and now I am 18 and feel she spoke to me inappropriately. I was not even rude all I said is "miss I want to do extension essays on top of my work to help improve my answers." I feel I want to do something about this as it was totally out of proportion and have never in my life seen something like this, what do I do? Bear in mind the college I go to always sides with the teachers. Our cl all got F's in a practice essment even the people who are always getting A's and the school said it was the pupil's fault not the teachers even before when we complained she cannot teach adequatly. Thankyou

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