Sunday, August 14, 2011

Landlord Misconduct, What can I do?

I have been trying to sublet my apartment and get out of my lease. I have been having trouble when I moved from one of their properties to a different one and they charged me a ridiculous amount of money for things that were rediculous (i.e. $40 to clean a little bit of dust off a 8 inch medicine cabinet) I am saying this as a prelude to what the issue is. I used craigslist to find a subletter and finally found one that was interested. She showed up and we went to the apartment managers office to fill out the necessary paperwork for the sublet. This particular managment company clearly states that my name will remain on the lease even though I am subletting it or I have the option to pay the company one months rent for them to come in and turn the place over for the new tenant and that would get my name off the lease. I decided on the former because it was cheaper and the person that I found seems quite trustworthy. So she filled out the application and was told that she would have an answer on the application results tomorrow. Approxiamtely 10 minutes later I got a call from the prospective subletter and she said that the apartment manager tried to persuade her into getting a unrented apartment over mine. This particular apartment manager has a personal grudge with me because I disputed the charges on the cleaning bill and she was the one that inspected. (by the way I had a professional cleaner come in and verify that I did what I had to do to get my security deposit back) She has shown, in front of a witness that is willing to back me up, that she is being very rude and confrontational with me and now this happens. I just want out of my lease, preferably with no legal action, however I am willing to take that step if need by. my quesiton is do I have enough misconduct to justify my position or if there is anything legal I can do.

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