Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why isn't my dad proud of me?

I don't understand. I am an amazing student, I am talented and funny and kind. I hardly do anything wrong, and I always do what I am told, but my dad is not proud of me at all. I love him very much, and I know that he loves me, but I try my hardest for him, and he still isnt pleased. Today, I got my report card back with a 97 average. Most parents would be so proud and amazed and apprietiative of their children, but when I told my dad, all he said was "That's it?" I cant do much more to please him. I just don't know what to do. How can I not only please him, but also show him how lucky he is to have a daughter like me? Please--i'm in desperate need of help here--i want to make him proud!! -jess <333

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