Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do I have a spirit or ghost in my home?

My house is very old and there is believed an old women died in my fathers bedroom. We don't hear many noises although things do go missing. Especially for me, when ever i'm cleaning my room example; I leave things on my fireplace and I turn around and there gone! It's very common for me. Also I have a cat and she often meows at nothing and looks at things that don't appear to be there?

Guys, is this annoying or cute?

From what I can see, this is just you guys hanging out as friends. If you show signs of liking him (playing with hair, staring at him attentively, focusing your attention on him a lot, etc), then he might get the hint. If not, it would be quite weird for him to ask you out or anything. If you guys are really close friends, he'll ask if he has no one else and just because you guys are friends. It just depends. Have you guys been friends a for a while? Have you just met?

What are some hot teen celeberties that are males?

im really bored and have nothing to do, so i want some female opinions on who are some hot male celeberties, im looking for guys that are like Oli Sykes and like Zac Efron type. grilies help me out. im having a brain freeze!

Can anyone tell me what the general strengths and weaknesses of the republicans are in the midterm election?

The anti establishment feeling that brought to the forefront by the Tea Party is a strength. Coincidentally that same strength is also their weakness. Because the Tea Party is just as apt to lump them in with their Democratic opponents.

I need a good quote from Macbeth relating to Power?

A good quote that has someone describing power, the need for power, the loss of power, anything along those lines would be great. Has to be from Macbeth though.

Does anyone know what quote from the great gatsby describes the decline of the american dream?

I have not read this novel, but there are a number of online study guides, and quite a few other resources on the web that can help you with this question. Most of them have quite a bit of good information. Have a look at these, and you should get some help with your work. If you do a search you will find many other links. Best of luck with it.

How can I get my 5 month old not to constantly need her paci at night?

My baby is almost 5 months old. She has had her pretty good seasons of sleeping and she has had her bad seasons of sleeping. She is currently in a bad season. Throughout the night, she needs her paci at least every hour and it's getting pretty ridiculous. She usually also eats one time in the night still. In another month my wife will be starting work and my schedule will pick up a bunch, so sleeping is going to be more and more precious to us, and on nights like these, we don't get any. Does anyone have a solution to this incessant pacifier problem. If it drives us crazy now, I can't imagine how we'll feel in August. Thanks

Please help - a few questions about yeast infections and treatment?

Eat yogurt. A friend of mine who is a nurse told me to always eat yogurt while on antibiotics. They can also cause other problems like C-Diff. If it don't clear up soon I would talk to my doctor.

Hot flashes on my period?

I'm 16 and every time my period comes around I get hot flashes all throughout the four days I'm on it. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, they never fail in coming. Is this normal? When I searched it on google all that came up was articles on menopause. Is there anyway to stop the hot flashes? Thank you!

Is my party good enough for the elite 4 in pokemon soul silver?

no. the moves are great but the levels are low. all your pokemon must be at least level 54. my friend said the highest level is 52 but it may vary.

Can you get the paper clip guy on Microsoft Word for Mac?

The little paper clip guy always added a little excitement to my reports, essays, and ransom notes. I recently purchased Microsoft Word 2008 for my Mac, and I have not been able to locate my paper clip friend. Is there a way to get him to pop up to supply me with the grammatical and structural support I need in writing my papers? If not, can you give me a link to a paper clip widget? Thanks!

Ok its a long ques but pls help me!ok so i dated this guy who is a player and he cheated on me so i broke up w?

so i broke up with him..he was datin sumone else too. later after few months we got back and he cheated again! n we broke up. now he wants me to get back with me and he promises tht he wont do it again. and he is literrally beggin me to get back with him.but wat i heard is that he just likes to **** girls n dump thm. but he says hes changed! n to give him a last chance!n he promises me he wont let me down!n the thing is i like too alot! n i said ok i will give you another chance but now all my friends are firing me they all got pissed coz they had warned me b4 also n i dint lisen to thm n all tht happend now ther warning me again but he is also beggin me n he says im the perfect girl for him n he realised that now and stuff!! please helpppp what shud i doo i reely like tho but wat my frends say is also right!

I need another Substitution?

Hey there, so I need another substitute for this recipe, I'm making a beef stew tonight, it calls for 1/4-1/2 of wine, well, I can't go out and get any (Im only 15) and my mom is at work right now. So I need to make this tonight, sicne we have guests, I have everything else I need, what can I use in place of the wine?

Teacher yelled at me for doing something good!?

Today I spoke to my teacher about me wanting to write essays as extension work, because my exams are coming up and I want to revise in the best possible ways I can. I told her and immediately she began to laugh out really loud (in a crazy sense) with big gestures and told me to get out! She yelled at me so loud the whole corridor could hear her and took another studen'ts anger out on me and said How I am not going to do the essay because she said No-one in my cl does the work (which is exaggerated), and she umed that I would not do the essay and said why should she mark the extra work (my headteacher and other teachers have always advised me to do extension work by doing extra essays.) She went all pantomine on me and No-one has ever spoke to me like that ever, I just stayed quiet while she was yelling at me. I have never felt this inadequate ever, I mean when other teachers disagree with me they talk to me in a civilised sense, the last time I was shouted at when I was 12 and now I am 18 and feel she spoke to me inappropriately. I was not even rude all I said is "miss I want to do extension essays on top of my work to help improve my answers." I feel I want to do something about this as it was totally out of proportion and have never in my life seen something like this, what do I do? Bear in mind the college I go to always sides with the teachers. Our cl all got F's in a practice essment even the people who are always getting A's and the school said it was the pupil's fault not the teachers even before when we complained she cannot teach adequatly. Thankyou

Comment on my poem, The Thespian?

It's good. Very long words, long sentences and then i personally dont like the transition where you do "...i notice" THEN a full stop straight after. Sort of breaks the flow, feels unnatural, but if thats what your going for then fab!

I hate my mum so much?

ignore ignore ignore- my best advice. even the best mother in the world gets crazy sometimes. paying attention is not gna help you out, i know its hard to dismiss her comments all the time, but try not to take it so seriously. you cant erase her out of your life, and trust me0 you don't want to. this years in your life are the toughest with your parents, and maybe she is a little harder to deal with than more parents, but one day she will be there for you when you get married and have children and will teach u how to cook, etc. just keep your respect with her, and don't listen to everything she says, ignore!

Do you know desent price snowboards?

hey im looking for a new snowboard for the 2010 seson but i would like a good park board ... my past two boards where all mountan .... blahblahblah ....can you list good park boards for a desent price?

Chemistry Help Please? Heating of gases etc.?

1) A hot air balloon is filled with 1.89 times 10^2 liters of air at 21 degrees C and 1.02atm. If the atmospheric pressure does not change, how hot must the air become in order to increase the volume to 4.5 times 10^2 liters?

Will swimming make my cold worse?

If it were warm water and nice and humid, I would say yes. but since you say it's cold, I would suggest you skip it

The Media should stop giving publicity to celebrities with poor morals?

I am having a debate soon, and i need points based on this motion. I am the proposition, and need at least 4 points with explanation. Examples i can get myself. Can anyone pls help?

What are some good songs/bands?

Check out this band called Outasight. There album is free and they are really good and they aren't that well know.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UK Town/Village Ideas?

whitby Dracula Howorth bronte sisters Whitstable oysters St andrews golf Shepperton film studios London Parliament

How do i file a complaont against the city of rancho cordova, i am so tired of the police haring my (house)

(cont )just this a.m. code enforcement was trying to come in my house, while we were sleeping, we had no 24hr notice, why do they have a key?

How will we raise two kitten sisters?

Basically, me & my boyfriend are going to be getting two kitten sisters and am just wanting a few questions answered. We both work id say between 8-4 most days, anything around that and therell be someone in a few hours either way but defo sometimes in a week theyll be left 8-4 all day. Is this bad for raising kittens? im getting two so they keep each other company etc but im worried im gonna need to get someone to call in on them which i cant do???? please help, im worried im gonna be a bad parent ha ha!

Who has a better style Zac Efron or Roshon Fegan?

I like both of their styles and maybe want to try dressing a bit like them but I don't know which one I should pick

Why isn't my dad proud of me?

I don't understand. I am an amazing student, I am talented and funny and kind. I hardly do anything wrong, and I always do what I am told, but my dad is not proud of me at all. I love him very much, and I know that he loves me, but I try my hardest for him, and he still isnt pleased. Today, I got my report card back with a 97 average. Most parents would be so proud and amazed and apprietiative of their children, but when I told my dad, all he said was "That's it?" I cant do much more to please him. I just don't know what to do. How can I not only please him, but also show him how lucky he is to have a daughter like me? Please--i'm in desperate need of help here--i want to make him proud!! -jess <333

Does Beethoven have more medals than Canada?

They both have zero. If I was a Canadian I would be embarrased by their poor performance. Don't even send your athletes if you can't win. They've had plenty of chances to win medals but they choke.

Culturally Speaking; BET Awards 2010?

I agree chris brown did an outstanding job to me. And the 13 year old girl who sung a song from Alicia Keys was outstanding as well. Oh and yes Drake did deserve that award. He has been doing good lately.

Who ate the first oyster?

It happened thousands and thousands of years ago... long before written history.... and long before sapiens were ever around. Our very ancient ancestors were no doubt eating oysters... millennia before we evolved into humans, which happened nearly 200,000 years ago.

Wwe hd question?

will i still be able to see all three shows in hd even though i only have one channel throw an hd feed? (CW/smackdown) my carrier (verizon fios) does not have an hd feed for usa or sci fi so will i be able to see it on the normal channels?

so 110lbs.........?

Dont listen to all these rude comments ! I think you should consider you goal weight like 112 because I am 5'4 I just had a baby and before I got pregnant I weighed 110 and I loved it but since your taller I would say to go down about 112 !! I am 120 so i still got 10 more pounds to go palaties helps with that !

Where could I buy Final Fantasy VII for the PSone now?

I've never actually played it before. I've heard its really good and I just bought a PS2 (not really sure why I waited till now...) so I thought I'd try some of the clic great games that you can't afford to miss. I'd also appreciate a couple of suggestions on other games to try but I'd just mainly like to find somewhere to buy FF7. I can't seem tp fond a store nearby selling PSone games and any searches online just get results dealing with FF7: Advent Children, or FF7: Dirge of Cerberus. Anyway IF you actually read through all these additional details: Congrats! Your attention span is about 50 times better than mine! Anyway please help.

Ramadan,was the life of prophet mohamed bloody as anti muslims says?was prophet mohamed bloody as they claim?

No it was not. The Prophet PBUH only fought back for self-defense, and to protect his people from persecution. He never did the attacking. He PBUH was the most gentle, most unbelievably caring and peaceful man.

My crush doesn't know i exist?

I've become really infatuated with this boy for about a month now. He is in my spanish cl and he is very handsome, funny, smart, but quiet (which i think is adorable!) and whenever he makes a joke or is laughing he always looks right at me!! I tried to add him as a friend on facebook, but i never got a response so i guess he declined :( What can i do to get him to like me? how do i talk to him? what are good conversation starters with someone you barely know?

Native American Indian Dreams?

Does anyone know where i can find information about Grandfathers coming to their granddaughters in dreams? I have read this is a Native American tradition? My grandfather has been coming to me in my dreams and it is a very profound experience. I am trying to figure out if its related to him being Sioux Indian or not? I have no knowledge in this type of stuff so if i have said something wrong please keep that in mind and you have my apologies upfront. =)

Why was Nixon so secretive?

It is well known that Richard Nixon was paranoid which accounts for his secretiveness. The Watergate scandal is a prime example of Nixon's paranoia.

Did those combos sound snob?

I really do not like any of them but they just are not my type Edward I guess would be the best of the boys I like Elisabeth because of the amount of nick names that can be formed Ya they suund snobish but that seems to be the sound you want

How do i kiss my bf for the first time?

we've been dating Sage (my favorite name) for a while and every time we get close, there is a hugh awkward silence. we were just at the movies and id look at him and hed look at me but then after awhile wede get bored so we would just watch the movie again.....i dont get it he talks bout how i owe him 16 kisses but he hasnt even kissed me once help

How do I let go of this Grudge?

My God Mother made my life a living hell. When I wanted to succeed she smashed my dreams, she yelled at me every time she say me finding some flaw in me, and I want to be perfect and act better everyday. She influenced my parents to put me in uniforms, to be on a all bread diet for a punishment, to starve, to ban boyfriends, to stay I will never get married or have kids(christian thing, she says God said so). I will stay a Virgin all my life. When I make my hair nice she tells me put it in a pony tail and that's all. I can't wear earrings because she says I am vain. But her daughter wears everything, earrings and all and I don't believe I am vain I just look really beautiful. I said I wanted to be a doctor and she said she does not know if I will be a good one, I don't have the tenacity. But my brother said he wanted to be an engineer and she said he would be a good one, but she does not know me, and really she thinks she does. I am venting, anyway, when Virgo's get hurt to the core and called imperfect, how do they react, do they keep them. I say I forgive her but I really still am holding a grudge and when I want to be nice to her she just finds something wrong.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What does this mean (Ch. 5 Great Gatsby)?

Americans, while occasionally willing to be serfs, have always been obstinate about being peasantry.

I need some variety. Any body have 2 cents that are worth it?

Good thing you're finding this out before he becomes your husband. Make your own variety or find a different mate.

Family Guy Blue Harvest song?

Does anyone know the name of the song that was being played during the scene where the Peter and them were sneaking by the Storm Troopers. It comes on at about 25 minutes into the movie.

Art on face (make up)?

This is kind of racist but a dragon would be cool. Research asian art. I'm sure you'll get a ton of ideas. Good luck and have fun!

This boy i like.Can you tell me how to make him like me or any thing to do with it?

okay i like this boy and he is really nice, but i thought he liked me cause he asked me to go see a movie with him.But then whenever my sister who i can say is prettier comes around he follows her around . I'm 14 he's 15 and she's 16. i really really like him so please be nice.dont say any thing your gramma wouldnt say unlesss she is a biker .

Has any one caught the train today?

If it happens again and you put your arms out just say 'Alleluia' maybe you will realise they are doing a job to help you stay alive, hopefully anyway, and you will not moan so much. Everybody these days moans what the police do or don't do but never realise what they do for the good of this country. Grin and bare it like we all have to in these modern days

What element is in Period 3, Group 4?

What element is in Period 3, Group 4? its a question on my homework but i think it maybe a typo because i don't see any elements there thank you

Is the "Original" or Banquet Beer Coors that is sold on the East Coast brewed on the East Coast?

I was wondering since it tasted totally different that it has over the last few years. When I read that Coors has a brewing facility in Elkton, Virginia it stirred my curiosity. What is the point of buying the product if you can't, "Taste the Rockies" when it's made with Virginia water?

Where to change $13,000 U.S Dollars in Bangkok?

Gerald right, Best place is Super Rich. However, if you don't want to use them you can always come and see me.

What kind of power supply should i get my my new computer?

There are power supply calculators for free use on the Internet. Fill in the blanks and it will get you close.

What are some good sky objects to observe at this time (February and March)?

All round year, there is stars, such as Ryans Belt, and The Seven Sisters, which usually show every night. The eight March constellations include Cancer | Canis Minor | Carina | Lynx | Puppis | Pyxis | Vela | Volans. February's eight would be... Auriga | Camelopardalis | Canis Major | Columba | Gemini | Lepus | Monoceros | Pictor

Severe asthmatic experiencing lower left chest pain?

I've been experiencing this for the past three years...two years ago I was hospitalized for pleurodynia and last year I was hospitalized for the swine flu. Now I have the pain again, right on my lower left side (only the left, always the left) kinda under the heart area. My pulmonologist thinks its fine because my pulsox says I'm getting oxygen. But often I will be doing NOTHING and it is like this sudden rubber band grips my lungs and I can't breathe for a few seconds. It hurts so bad..I'm 16 and I've had asthma all my life, I'm on Symbicrot, Zyrtec, Singulair, Xophenex, Trazodone, and Zoloft. Please help me..this pain hurts so bad to breathe. Thank you.

Aristole was the first person to clify living organisms and did so using a two-kingdom system involing a?

plant group and an animal group.the system used today is much more useful to scientists because the two kingdom system did not(A)recognize the similarities within the plant group.(B)seperate living things based on characteristics and traits(C)allow for the placement of human beings in its clification(D)include many organisms such as those later discovered with science test

Rank/Advice for My FF Team - 10 Team PPR League?

Pretty solid team. Might start smith, brown, bush then moss, jennings..looks like a solid team. I would keep my eye on washington in a ppr league, he might be starting for you soon.


You're easy... guys like mystery and will be more interested in you if you don't give it up right away. Keep your hands to yourself, maybe just a kiss on the cheek for the first few dates... MOVE SLOW.. there's no rush, if you're horny just get yourself off before or after the date so it doesn't lead to

Which Match Do You Think Will Be The Main Event of Tonight's No Mercy?

world heaevyweight title ladder mat h between chris jericho vs. shawn micheals with out a doubt would be the main event

Your Preference: Daisy, Lily or Rose?

I like Rose and Lily. I think Rose sounds really clic, elegant and sophisticated, and Lily sounds really pretty and feminine. Daisy is pretty and I think it's a cute name for a little girl, but it's one of those names I can't really imagine aging very well - I don't think it would suit a grown woman. :]

Do I need to inform the DVLA about this?

if you can p the test without gles then that's fine, no need to tell them after all lots of people get gles after they can drive and do not need to notify the dvlc unless there sight means that they cannot see well enough and may have to take another test.

Swine Flu RFID Chip?!?

Does anyone know when it will be available to the public? How many people are aware that they will be forced to have this implanted in their right hand after getting the H1N1 vaccine? How many people are aware that if they do not get the vaccine, they will have the choice of either getting the vaccine OR being sent straight to a concentration camp- type place if they refuse(and that they will be considered "enemies to humanity"? I believe that this goes against our Constitution, but I would like to hear what you people think(plus, I would like to know when the stupid chip will be forced on the public).

Why is the hair falling out of my cat's backside?

he's about 14 years old, and recently the hair has been coming off of his legs and backside badly. I'm not sure if it's due to his old age or if its a health condition, and he seems to be itchy for him.

Is it compulsory to submit PAN CARD with 15 H for Senior Citizen above 75 whose only income is Pension?

My grandmother who gets Pension and has some Fixed Deposits in Post Office has a joint account in ICICI Bank with me her granddaughter. I deposit money in the Bank and recently we have got some FD's done. The Bank has asked us to submit Pan Card with 15H, but my grandmother doesn't have one? Will getting a Pan Card would effect there pension in any form?

Why wont my laptop work?!?

i can turn it on, the advent (laptop maker) screen comes up and then the screen goes completly blank and a small thin white line flashes constantly in the top left hand cornor of the screen and whenever i press a on it beeps and does nothing, someone please help, i seriously miss my laptop!

Heat large (4000sf) room for only one day?

Looking to heat a 4000sf insulated room with a large ceiling (30') for one day. High temp is aprox 30f. Indoor with little ventilation so propane type reddy heaters are not an option. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to watch Americas Next Top Model on 'On Demand' for comcast users?

I missed the first episode for ANTM cycle 14! YouTube has like only 6 minutes of it, and other websites like the CW channel requires that you download something... I don't really want to download anything! I was wondering ( I am a Comcast customer, so I have On Demand) where could I find ANTM on the On Demand thing... Like where would I go to find it.... If it's not possible, is there other ways I could watch the FULL epidsode?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why do so many people want to go back to the Gold Standard?

Because, all things considered, most people are really not all that bright! You are absolutely correct in noting that gold really has no value unless people think it does! You can't eat it!

Why did Gandhi asked Fr. Charlie to leave India?

Gandhi told Charlie that Britons like himself need to leave the freedom struggle to the Indians. Perhaps he was concerned about Andrews spreading Catholicism.

Hey I was just curious about weather I should get stronger or more enduranced?

since you're being a bouncer you should go for big huge muscle. I doubht people are willing to fight a guy who has biceps half a foot tall. Instead of a totally ripped guy but you can't see his muscle under his shirt. Although if you want martial arts to be better then you should go for lean and ripped. Personally I would go for lean and ripped that way if somebody tries to fight I will fight much better then if im huge.

Do u think salary of malaysian' s teacher enough? why?

Yes, because most of them do not have high qualifications. Depending on where they work. If they work at a private school, surely a college degree is needed unlike in public schools. Therefore, higher salary.

I need to know what employment opportunity suggestions there are in our current economic situation.?

I've been unemployed for about 4 months and I was wondering if there were companys that were thriving in our situation that could be hiring. I currently live in Las Vegas and I do not want to relocate. there must be some Jobs out there that really need help. what do you guys think?

I need help with poetry pleasee!!!!?

i have to write a poem and i hate poetry. i need a poem just 25 lines that include alliteration, allusion, metaphor, hyperbole, oxymoron, simile, and personification. please underline or let me know what is what. and please label a rhyme scheme. please helllpppp me.

What did you think about rickie weeks and matt holiday being in the home run derby?

what did you think about matt holliday and rickie weeks being in the mlb 2011 home run derby? i thought it was ridiculous for prince fielder to choose his teammate to participate in the home run derby when there were alot of great home run hitter in the national league like ryan howard.

Does anyone who is an owner of a group made to join their own group?

Does anyone who is an owner of a group made to join their own group everytime you sign in? No one will help me. I've been the owner and moderator for over 6 years now and all of a sudden it is makeing me join my own group. Yahoo is not helping me. Any help from other moderators would be a great help.

Chemical reaction with oxygen?

How does Ethanol oxidize with oxygen. What is the chemical process? I know it will end with CO2 and H2O, but how?

What is the last thing that Heath Ledger says in Brokeback Mountain?

At the end of the movie, where he's looking at Jack's shirt in the closet next to the picture of Brokeback, what does he say? It was sort of hard for me to hear, but I'm guessing it was pretty important being the last line of the movie. Does anyone know?

Poll: Who do you think is hotter, Bruno Mars or Zak Bagans?

Pretty sure they're both gay. I bet they will eventually come out of the closet. My gaydar goes off when I look at them. Anyway, Bruno Mars looks like a little girl/Michael Jackson impersonator. He is an incredibly unattractive person.

Drum recording starters?

I am new to drum recording and I am looking at buying a set of CAD Pro 7 mics. I need to know though, how can I plug them into my computer? I have seen the Behringer X1204USB 12-Channel Mixer but I don't know if it will work with all the mics or drums at all. If it doesnt, what product will and what kind of software will I need on the computer?

What wide reciever for week 15?

I'm in a salary cap league and i have enough money to get anyone i want basically. right now i have Fitzgerald, but i also have Warner so i was thinking about trading Fitzgerald to get someone else, but i have no idea who. the league winner gets $100, and im down, so i need this...thanks, and any ideas for a low priced running back??? just a thought.

Landlord Misconduct, What can I do?

I have been trying to sublet my apartment and get out of my lease. I have been having trouble when I moved from one of their properties to a different one and they charged me a ridiculous amount of money for things that were rediculous (i.e. $40 to clean a little bit of dust off a 8 inch medicine cabinet) I am saying this as a prelude to what the issue is. I used craigslist to find a subletter and finally found one that was interested. She showed up and we went to the apartment managers office to fill out the necessary paperwork for the sublet. This particular managment company clearly states that my name will remain on the lease even though I am subletting it or I have the option to pay the company one months rent for them to come in and turn the place over for the new tenant and that would get my name off the lease. I decided on the former because it was cheaper and the person that I found seems quite trustworthy. So she filled out the application and was told that she would have an answer on the application results tomorrow. Approxiamtely 10 minutes later I got a call from the prospective subletter and she said that the apartment manager tried to persuade her into getting a unrented apartment over mine. This particular apartment manager has a personal grudge with me because I disputed the charges on the cleaning bill and she was the one that inspected. (by the way I had a professional cleaner come in and verify that I did what I had to do to get my security deposit back) She has shown, in front of a witness that is willing to back me up, that she is being very rude and confrontational with me and now this happens. I just want out of my lease, preferably with no legal action, however I am willing to take that step if need by. my quesiton is do I have enough misconduct to justify my position or if there is anything legal I can do.

Are cowlicks hereditary?

See im trying to find out because my daughter has them and her dad is denying her and he has them in the same spot.

If the earth is indeed hollow what is the atmospheric pressure?

If the earth is hollow then gravity would surround us. Theoretically what effect would this have on the atmosphere and what would be the elements present?

Darbell to win big brother uk?

Hey I wanted Darnell to win ever since spit gate but after his antics it gets harder and harder to support him and its saddens me that a definite winner is now not a contender. Is there anyway you think he can win?

My 4 year old male chihuahua is extremely agressive, please read?

i have had my dog since he was 3 weeks old, too young for me to have him but the cirstances he was in he didnt need to be, my friend actually convinced his owner to give him to him because my chi as well as his parents were neglected in seperate cages and living in their own feces. my friend who took him couldnt keep him so i decided to take in the poor guy. i socialized him when he was young and took him everywhere, he is still to this day very healthy, up to date on all shots and medications.. well his issue is he is people agressive. he has bit my dad and brother and even me. i now live with a roommate and he almost bit her last night. he can sit, and come.. but he wont do it when new people are around, its like he flips a switch and is focused on nothing but getting to them, when they come in the door he attacks unless im right there calming him and then they pet him and hes okay with them, he will sit with them but if they go to move he will growl and snap at them. i dont trust him. when he barks i squirt him with a water bottle and say NO but as soon as i turn my back hes doing it again. ive had him tested extensively at the vet and he has no medical issues, he was put on prozac and is still the same.. im at a loss and not sure what to do. he wont let anyone get near me. hes so protective but as soon as we are out on a walk, the vet, the groomer, he is on his best behavior but he is scared, he nipped the woman who clips his nails. im not sure where to go from here.. ive taken him to training and behavior cles as well.. he cowered in the corner the whole time.. i do not want to lose him, i love him dearly but im scared he will bite the wrong person and i will be forced to put him to sleep. if i try to re-home him ill feel like ive given up. please help me.. what can i do?

Should I see Pan's Labyrinth?

I can't decide whether to see Pan's Labyrinth. On the one hand, it looks like a great fantasy movie, along the lines of MirrorMask, which I really liked (I actually think I first heard about it on a MirrorMask forum). On the other hand, I really can't stand gore (Sleepy Hollow made me feel squemish). So would this movie be too gory for me? Or is the gore brief, and the rest of the movie worth it?

I hate shakespeare, yeah I said it. And i need a poem.?

For the entirety of our lives as students we are brainwashed to believe that falls under the category of "good" literature, that is, stuff thats worth talking and writing about, are only the old, flowery, "highly-symbolic" snooze-fests that have been loved for so many years (hundreds actually, theyre all so old and boring) and so have become "the clics". You're only able to get an A if you write a paper on Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc. (you know, "one of the greats"). If you write about your best friends neighbor's lesser known novel, youre bound to get an F, regardless of content. Its all about fame and status, but if we never build up the little guys, we'll be stuck forever. I was recently igned a poetry project. Now, I obviously need, to do well, poetry with plenty of substance to pick through. But i find the clics, the ones teachers are willing to accept, are just way too flowery, and often unoriginal. The language they use removes from impact, and the topics they go on about have no meaning, and everyone seems to use the same metaphors, symbols, references, etc. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE ORIGINAL. I want for this project some poetry thats different. I want a poem to be blunt and harsh, down to earth, and matter-of-fact. I need a poet to act like a real person, and show the truth of real human emotions, which arent commonly flowery. A sad poem should have the same impact of a friend bursting into tears in front of you, a poem about anger should have the same affect as a sinister glare, a fit of rage with curses and fist pounding, maybe even a punch in the face. You get the picture. So if you can, please suggest some poetry for me. It'd be much appreciated. I'm fed up with sifting through this field of plastic daisies people call beautiful poetry.

A general Chemistry Question....please help..?

A refrigeration unit is used to solidify 5mol Cl2(l) to Cl2(s) at its freezing point. How much heat must the refrigeration unit absorb from chlorine? (Molar heat of fusion for chlroine is 6.40 kJmol -1

Would I fit better as a persian?

Does persians have arabic last names? I'm lebanese but I don't like arabs at all, so I may start calling myself persian,but If persians don't got arabic last names then I can't call myself persian lol I got brown hair so would I fit better as an persian?

I really don't get histograms. Please help?

In histrograms, you draw bars to consolidate data in your groupings. So if your groups involve responses of 1-3,4-6,7-9,10-12,13-15. You sum the number of responses in each group (the first group has 5), and draw a bar of uniform height 5 between 1 and 3.

How old do you have to be to get a home morgage?

how old do you have to be to get a loan for a home. im 18 going to be 19. Right now its a really great time for first time buyers. this is my second year workng at aerospace making 80,000 a year. can i apply for loan or am i to young or need more years of work. Also if im to young can i be a co signer. also i have no credit what so ever unless you count my checking and savins account. i have all money saved up for down payment. what is the perfect way to build my credit

What is the name of the closing soundtrack of the movie Yellow starring Roselyn Sanchez ? ? that's the dvd cover of the movie please i really need the name of the soundtrack.

Am I a bigot if I am against gay marriage?

Why all the name-calling? How about this, you're against gay marriage. Big deal. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions without having to put a label on themselves.

Girls do you think this is pathetic?

I am 21 years old and I am a virgin. (This is bec of religious reasons not bec of looks seriously) do you find that weird or pathetic? do you not care?

With the CAD coming closer and closer to the USD, would it be wise for North America to consider a NAD?

The Canadian dollar has been climbing steadily recently vs. the US dollar. Would it be a good idea to have a shared currency with our neighbours to the south?

Would McCain have picked Sarah Palin if Obama had picked Hilary Clinton?

the reasoning perhaps was that America is not prepared for too much change on one ticket particularly the Democratic ticket. Using Palin to swing votes may just work. Hilary did the work, Sarah will reap the benefit.What do you think?

Help something is wrong with my turtle?

we have had our turtle sammy for about 8 years...the past 3 days he wont eat and usually when i touch his back feet he will pull them in now he dosent move them at all he stays in his little hut all day and night...he is a tortis so we only give him water about once every 2 weeks so i put him in the sink last night and let him enjoy that but he just went right back to his he just being a turtle or dying? is there a way to tell if he is sick?

I don't understand the difference between Jehovah's Witnesses and Christians?

I know there's a difference and that Jehovah's Witnesses are much more annoying, for Christians at least don't hunt you down and knock on your door, but I don't get it? JW's always say there's no difference, but it's like Christianity and Catholicism, there's a difference, or it'd be called the same thing and it's a tiny little difference. What's the difference?

Do you think this is my fault?

Well, it sounds like your friend back stabbed you. She probably likes him herself and told you he doesn't like you in order to eliminate her competition. (you) You may not want to believe this is her motive because she's been such a loyal friend, but when it comes to guys, young girls tend to be a little heartless and deceitful to even their best friends. It happens. I wouldn't let it ruin your friendship though, because there are many fish in the sea.

Who will be on commentary tonight for Elimination Chamber?

Obviousilly Michael Cole, but I doubt Jerry will be on because he will be wrestling. Maybe Josh Mathews and Booker T? Who do you think?

Im scared of a relationship but i found a guy a really want one with...what do i do?

Yeah, I have the same problems and I'm a junior. I think the worst part would be hanging out with him/her at lunch over your close friends or maybe even with them (which may be more awkward). To be honest, you're the girl in this, therefore if he really likes you he will most likely man up and ask you. If you feel like he is more mature then that is a good thing. Even if this does get awkward it can only benefit you, sure you might get a little awkward but at least you''ll earn some relationship experience if nothing else.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where does the insurance we pay money go?

Has anybody ever wondered where the money we pay as insurance on our cars go to? The reason my am asking is that, why do you have to pay to get your insurance company to fix your car after a natural disaster like skidding of the road. Or why do we risk the chances of increasing our premiums if we call insurance companies to help fix our cars?

Can the amount of structure covering land affect tectonic plate movement?

If Japan has a much higher abundance of structures... doesn't that cause more distress on their land than if it was more natural filled space? (in reference to the recent horrific earth quake)

How do you make hair less static after straightening?

After I straighten my hair, I'm not sure if it is even static, but the are little strands of hair that stick up. I use the chi ceramic hair straightener, I use herbal essence shampoo and conditioner, and i spray hair spray on my brush and hair. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Please help me really need help!?

If you were taking any of the cles I took this year I'd be happy to give the answers to you. Sorry I don't know these answers though. Which school are you in?

What would life be like if the left hemisphere of your brain did not work?

Would you be unable to move the right side of your body? Would you even be able to speak? What are some major problems that would arise if the body only functioned off the right hemisphere?

At what point should you tell your children that there is no Santa Claus?

No matter how much we sugar-coat it--it's still a LIE. I plan to kill the Easter Bunny, too, but don 't worry, he'll never see it coming........

Why do people die from the Swine Flu?

because their es (yes even the women) swell up and they become so horny for pigs that they f*ck until theyve become so dehydrated that they die.

Gold-plated Banana plugs -- Are they worth it?

Contrary to marketing blurb, there is no discernable audible difference in the connection between a new standard connector and a gold-plated connector. The only situation where gold-plated connectors would be preferred is where there is a high potential for corrosion. If the connectors are going to be handled or if you are on the seashore, it is highly unlikely that gold-plated plugs will serve any better than standard connectors.

What are some good online games?

not yahoo type games(like collapse, bubble blaster, textwist or anything like that) or poker or gambling games. but multiplayer games or something that has real good graphics.(not WoW either) and something that's free.

What are a few finches that would get along well in an aviary?

They would be in a large aviary that used to house about ten java sparrows. I could comfortable fit seven or eight pairs of finches, possibly more depending on the species. So, what are some finches that aren't too generic(like zebra finches) but that aren't difficult to care for( such as gouldian finches) that would all get along in an aviary?

Karl Marx where is your Ghost?

So whats your answer, restraining the free market with regulations and wage controls then taxing the free market to death and transferring its wealth to the government and ultimately back to you . Ya i get it

What type of bra would I use for a dress like this?

a href=""…/a

Is Israel the most beautiful country on the world ?

im thinking to go there after the war ended .. many friend told me its the most beautifull city on this world . i dont know if that tru or not because i think rome is the most beauty city on this world

Did bush really order people to tourture prisoners?

is this just allegations? or is it 100% factual? please answer with facts not opinion rants from bush haters. If it was 100% true i believe he would be impeached

Is the up-and-down of the business cycle a bad thing that ought to be fixed?

Or is it a good thing that ought to be embraced as necessary for long-term prosperity? Explain your answer.

What is this note called?

Okay, so I was reading some music and there was a note with a line above the note, sort of like a ledger line through middle c, but it was above it. What is this note?

Does a tragus piercing hurt?

thinking of gettting mine donee in a few weeks but ive heard its incredibly painfull when its being pierced and for months afterwards and any tips on keeping it clean and nicee would be greaat (y)

Moving from a small town to a big City?

I am 15 years old, and me and my family are about to move from a small town of about 5,000 people, to the capitol city of my province (Victoria). The school I go to now has about 400 kids and the school I will be going to in Victoria has 900 students. I was just wondering what is a big city high school like compared to a small town high school? What do they wear to school (how fancy) what are there general attitudes etc.

What is a good antonym for perseverance, persevering or persevere?

I'm writing an essay on heroism, and one of the traits is perseverance. In my negation part of the paragraph, I need an antonym for persevering, or a synonym for someone that gives up easily.

Christmas tree decorations?

Last year i was helping a friend decorate her tree and she had this huge box with everything she needed to decorate the tree (ornaments, flowers, ribbon,) everything was coordinated so when we were done it looked like the trees in stored or the mall. Does any one know where i can find this?

Do you like the sound of this woman...?!?

the thought of her just gives me a headache. This is the worst kind of woman. Don't get me wrong, I like intelligence and independance, but I can just hear those high-heels click-clacking down the hall saying "HERE I COME!!!" In fact that sounds like my current supervisor, who everybody male and female absolutely despises.

When somebody corrects you for one little typo.........?

Personally, I wouldn't dwell on might come. You probably have other things to worry about, so don't stress on it! If she texts you back, then tell her in a kind way that you both shouldn't fight because of something so small as a typo. Just forget the accident and allow her to be your friend if both you and her like! Forget the past and embrace the future!

Should I make any changes for week 3?

I wouldn't change anything. Given the yardage the Texans have give up through the air the last couple of weeks, Romo in and Barber out is the right play. The Steelers are an extremely tough D, I would keep Williams on the bench. Wallace isn't worth playing until Roethlisberger gets back.

I'm fighting with my friends over a school project (yeah, yeah, I know). How do I fix this?

We've been fighting so much and for so long that I don't know what we're fighting about anymore. One of my friends snipes at me even when I ask her the most innocent question. Me and my other friend aren't even talking. Yesterday, they didn't know I was in the room, and they started talking about me. I feel like it's the three of them against one (me). I've apologized for my rudeness, but, as expected, I got no apology in return. I can't talk to them about this because they don't understand what it means to take a step back and yze the words coming out of people's mouths. They don't understand that they exclude me, disrespect me, and they certainly don't understand that they have a near-frienemy relationship with me. I am the only one who sees the backside of this "friendship."

I have fallen for 2 guys and they want an answer and i cant decide through fear of loosing them both...?

Well clearly, you prefer Guy 1. You talked about him more and the things you said were better than about guy 2, and I'm sure you've already figured it out by now. But yes, you do need to be honest about this whole thing and only go out with one of them. I know that you don't want to hurt either of them, but if you choose guy 1, it's better that guy 2 knows now rather than you leading him on.

Why are people just UMING that the people who shouted racial slurs today are TEA partiers?

Well you know that Alinskey taught them well on how to infiltrate demonstrations and make them look bad.

Has anyone taken Intro History in university ?

It really all depends on how your professor decides to do things. Personally I didn't have a midterm, but I'm taking the final tomorrow. And our exams were SO easy. He would give us five essay questions before the test then on test day he would take one away and we'd have to answer two or three of them. So simple. Don't worry too'll get used to it :)

How do I stop hurting myself?

I used to cut myself but I stopped when I saw how much it was affecting my boyfriend. I was suicidal a couple times but never did anything about it. Now I've resorted to finding other ways of hurting myself without sharp objects. I'll bite my lip until it bleeds to attach and alligator clip to my tongue just for the pain. I don't really know why I even do it anymore. It's almost like hurting myself has become and addiction. How do I stop?

There is this girl.. she a sort of bullying me, help!?

ya you should ignore her. it doesnt matter what she says to your friends because at the end of the day what matters is have you reall said these things. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Should it be illegal to be rich?

I think there should be some kind of cap. Someone doesn't need billions while a million others have little or none. No punishment, but the government would take anything over lets say 50 million ( or X amount), it sort of sounds communistic,but seeing people drive by 100's of homeless people in their personal limos or bentleys, just doesn't seem right. All most people do with excessive money is blow it, my sink works just as well as the 24k gold one and my dumps come out the same in my porclein toilet as a celebs 24k toilet.

My 14 year old daughter refuses to come home?

i have had sole custody of my daughter since i split from her father 9 yrs ago.he hasnt bothered with her for years but i insisted that she go and see him in the last holidays. he brought her back last week 3 days late. he has now taken her without my knowing. he refuses to let me have his address. i have tried online electoral rolls but nothing. does anyone have any advice i am at my wits end

How painfull is a Brazillian wax?

It is really not as painful as you would imagine it to be, just don't try to do it yourself. That is when it is painful! I have found that I am a fan on the extreme bikini wax b/c it is in between the two, and not quite as invasive as the Brazilian. The bikini wax should cost about $20-40 and the Brazilian about $30-60. I would look up your local spas and salons online to find the prices.

Is it true that if a Pentagram/Pentagon is drawn on your hand/palm you will become the victim of a werewolf?

My friend and I were playing around teasing and drawing on each other and she drew this on me.I didn't know what it was because she didn't draw it well but I was freaked out after she proceeded to tell me what it was and that it meant (according to the fictional book Blood and Chocolate, which I haven't read) that I would become the victim of a werewolf. I know that this symbol has occult roots and my friends said she thinks that particular thing in Blood and Chocolate was inspired by actual Folklore. This bothers me because 1) I'm a Christian and don't need this symbol drawn on the palm of my hand. and because 2) What if what she told me is inspired by real folklore? I'm kinda superstitious. What am I supposed to do to counter-act what my friend drew on me because, erm... creepy much? Also, I tried washing it off my palm but it's in permanent marker, any tips on how to get it off my hand?

Wondering About My Vocal Kitty..?

I think it's absolutely normal. Just as another person said, Luna is getting comfortable with you. Both of my current kitters do that. With all of the cats I've had in my lifetime, they all have their little deals. Usually, when playing, watching the birds, or trying to claim my lap. Don't worry! Just enjoy the cute sounds.

Portugal son wants to live & work for 12 months. Any advice/ideas?

He is a mountain biker and ideally wants a job building/repairing bikes. He wants to buy a house there.

SkateBoarding-Ollie Problems.?

Hey , ive been having problems with my ollies. The problem is that i dont think the back end of my board is coming up and i AM jumping after popping. I no the reason why, its cuase my foot is getting stuck on the middle of the board(foot wont slide). The reason i think this is happening is cuase i do not have skateboarding shoes. Also , i borrowed my deck from my friend, and the bottom of it is metal. Is this why im having these problems?

Really Weird Tooth Dream?

Hi everyone! I had a nightmare last night, I was just walking then my permanent tooth (which was actually the first tooth I'd ever lost) started wiggling then fell out, so I went to the dentist and they gave me a fake one so I went over to a friend's house and then my FAKE tooth started wiggling so I'm I say to my friend "Makenzie! I think my fake tooth is going to fall out!" and she says "No, it's not. Let's go play!" So, I do then it fell out! So, I was really freaked out and was wondering what I was going to do, then I realized I could just superglue it to my mouth so for the rest of the dream I was searching for superglue and I tried, like 6 different kinds but they didn't stick, so then I finally got the courage to tell my mom and she's like "I have some superglue that will work!" so she was sticking my tooth in my mouth and the glue tasted really bad and then in the middle of it she got up and left, put the glue away (I didn't know where) but my tooth was still wiggily! So, I tried to search for it in the kitchen but these two guys were there and I asked if they've seen it but at first they ignored me but then I annoyed them, so they gave me some and I put it on my tooth but it was really Hershey's Chocolate Syrup! Then, I woke up. I was really confused by this so I was wondering if you have any idea what this meant.

About my husband, and me,?

me and my husband had a little problem, he told me that he was tired of my attitude,, bec i always got upset to him, even just for the small things, but i just sometimes, ya get upset cause there are somethings that he do that made me upset,, and then, when we talked this morning, he told me that he was tired of me,the way i am, that im not the girl anymore that he married before, and then when i ask him if he still love me or want to be with me or still happy with me, he said, he need to think first,, please can you tell me, what is it mean, is it mean that he dont love me anymore, or he dont wanaa be with me , or his not hapy with me, i am searious, i need some advices,, i love my husabnd so much, i cant aford to lose him,

Please tell me the summary of sonnet 18 written by william shakespere and london written by blake,pls do help?

please refer wikipedia on> London.. william blake and.. spark notes: songs of innocence and experience

What is Little Billing (Northampton) like to live in?

I've been looking to rent somewhere in Northampton (where I work) and I spotted some good houses in Little Billing - I was wondering what the area itself is like to live in? I know that most people see Bellinge to the East as being a rough area, but then likewise to the West you've got Weston Favell and I know a few people who live there and have never had any problems?

What quote does Jem Finch hear often?

I'm supposed to write a poem that has a quote Jem (from the book To Kill a Mockingbird) hears often.

Who do you think will win the Superbowl, Steelers or Packers?

OK, this is going to be a very stupid and girlie answer, so get your thumbs down ready! My husband was going for the Bears, since they beat his beloved Seahawks last week. Since they lost and his next pick, the Jets lost, I am now pulling for the Steelers.Why? To my knowledge he has no preference over these two teams, and Mike Tomlin(son?) is cuter. Told you it was a girlie answer.

Why is my dog acting this way?

the dog is protecting you. the dog is probably scared that your husband is going to hurt you or the dog. i suggest spending more time with your husband and your dog together. this is also still happening with my dog. right before my dad goes to bed, he goes to kiss my mom and then my dog jumps up on her lap and snarls and barks at my dad. they've been spending more time together and its not happening as much. hope i helped and goodluck<3

Heartbeat high for girl,low for boy,do you think its a wives tale??

I'm just wondering If it was true for any of you mommies out there?? We just found out our insurance wont cover an ultrasound that isnt "needed" so we arent going to be able to find out what we are having. I've heard that this is a wives tale,I was just wondering what other people think about it? My daughters heartbeat was always in the 150's range,so it was pretty true for her,she was pretty close to the middle though. Just curiousity I

What are different ways to have my ex-husband spend more and more money on his attorney?

instead of hurting him, why not file a motion to get joint custody, show him and your kids that your better, that u went through rehab and that things have changed. when u hurt someone else it only comes back on u, really it will. u need to work on getting joint custody and forget about the revenge part. you will only turn your kids against u if you try to hurt their dad.

Why is it that the number of Iraqi's killed by extremists go against the U.S.'s numbers?

Because the liberal media wants you to hear all of the bad news that is coming from Iraq. Ask yourself this, when is the last time you heard any good news coming from Iraq? You haven't, you have to use your own resources to find a good news.

How do I sharpen my gouge chisels?

I have a 1000/6000 grit combo Japanese waterstone. I am sharpening my chisels well, but I'm having trouble sharpening my gouges. I don't understand how to keep the bevel rounded. I noticed I'll sharpen flat, then on the left, and then right, but it's not rounded and it really shows on the wood. Any suggestions?

I need some help with MLA in-text citation :(?

Normally you put parentheses around the author of the quote and date of publication, after each set of information. If you want the complete MLA citation and are doing a separate citation/reference slide or page: Go to It is really easy. It cites for you. and in most cases, the other already puts the citation in for you. You just put in the title of the article or click on another tab which says, internet source, place, book, all that stuff.

Domanda pratica per tutti gli iscritti a facebook :D?

vorrei nascondere i miei amici in modo da poter vedere solo io quanti e chi sono..� possibile?Con il vecchio profilo ero capace ma ora non sono piu' in grado !xDGRazie a tutti in anticipo :D

How many number of divisions does mitosis have?

One cycle of mitosis has one cell division into two daughter cells... One cycle of Meiosis has two cell divisions resulting in four gametes.

I am in love with a guy with a girlfriend but i am married.?

Your mother cannot take your son no matter how much she threatens she will. If you don't love your husband then leave him for good and be with Mark. You are making this situation far more complicated than it should be.

What's the difference between a revolution helmet size large with another revolution large but youth one?

i checked riddell website and in both helmets the sixe for the head circunference s is the same,(22-23) so iwant to know where is the difference of each one

What should I wear to a school trip?

I'd say wear the skinny jeans. There will be plenty of other opportunities for the shorts and tights, you don't want to be uncomfortable all day.


No, offense, but no... I dislike most of the names, yet all of the combinations. I like the names Kiyoko and Naomi, but that's it.

Why is Obama dropping like a rock in the polls???

buyer's remorse...he's spent over $50 million in the past month just to go backwards in the polls, has run thousands of ads in florida only to lose ground there, mounted a major push in ohio only to lose the lead's panic time-expect a MAJOR accusation of racism any day now

I live in Sri Lanka.. can i get into Oxford ?

im in sri lanka... a small country below India.. I am 18.. and my pion is simply physics... i want to learn more... and all i know is oxford is the place to be. so is it possible ? if so what should i have/qualified to get in /... are there any scholarship methods..if so can anyone please deirect me in the right way as i am complete lost at the moment.. :( :(

Why doesnt my 1989 ford bronco start?

My bronco was working fine until one day it just wouldnt start. I replaced the selenoid and it still desnt start. I then figured out if i take a screwdriver and connect the two selenoid cells itll start. So could it be a bad switch somewhere? what should i do??

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is there a way to listen to hip-hop nation from sirius radio for free?

It's such a great station... but is there a way to listen to it without paying for it... or is there another channel like it that you could possibly refer me too? preferably one that i can listen off the computer

Tips on actually talking to a greek guy in 8th grde?

im in 7th hes in 8th he always stares at me like with a inlove look like in the movies the funny thing is hes so effin popular i wana talk to him get to know him this whole staring thng is annoying i want more i reallly like him and i think hes heard tht i lke him but how do i talk to him what should i say to make him interesed ps im half italian and his backrounds greek any advice.?

Agree or Disagree and why?

"although space exploration has benefited humanity in many ways the costs far outweigh he benefits. Canada should stop funding the Canadian Space Agency and re-direct the funds into earth based research tat your opinion and justify it."

Still winless! Who do I start week 7?

Miller at TE cuz i still think the Steelers are undecided about what they wanna do with Parker and Mendenhall at running back so they will be throwing a lot. Miller should get some redzone opportunities. I would go with Leon Washington only because i think he has the best big play possibilties and Sanchez is in a rookie slump so the Jets will run a lot

Question relating to preparing a standard solution of sodium carbonate?

How would the concentration of the standard solution be affected if the volumetric flask had been rinsed with de-ionised water before use and droplets of water were left in the flask when the sodium carbonate was added?

Roast in crock pot guys...whats the best way to do it!!!!!?

just wantin to know so i can throw it in!!! Everyone is different about the water n help me out really quick!!

My teacup yorkie ate a hershey kiss will he die?

no, he will be fine, probably won't even get sick. At the very least he will be a little sick to the stomach which he will get over quickly. Don't worry he will be okay. Don't listen to the other people who are making it sound like your dog will die.

What if this happened?

The Southern and Northern Hemisphere suddenly got into a big war? I know it's stupid but who do you think would win? OK i know you Northern Hemisphere people have a bigger team but us Southerners have pride and will trade Antarctica for America and Scotland (just coz i like Scotland). Australia and America would make a good team. Plus, then you have an excuse to bomb all those terrorist countries.

*Fallen Angel* a poem I penned, C/c?

I was intrigued with this and it was a good story, wonerfull expressions. But i stumbled in exactly the way HH did on the line he refers to, though it went away quicker because I am not OCD I am AADD/PTSD/BDPD and stuff LOL no, ROTFLMAO I LIKE CAPS! k, bai.

Why do many women think that it is OK to yell at random strangers because she is mad at her ex?

If this isn't ist, then I don't know what is. There are strange men who stand on street corners and rant at random people who p by. Sounds like you are trying to take out your frustrations at not getting laid.

Granny square??

I just taught myself to crochet and I've been working on just the basic granny square. I can get the first round done, but I get confused on how to start the second round. It says slip stich, but when I do it doesn't look right. Any tips or any detailed websites I can go to.

What are your life time goals?

What are some things youd like to accomplish in your life time? it can be something profound or random. For example I would like to read every single harry potter book..and see actual lava...learn how to surf etc.

Is anyone else dreading having less & less space in their body for their own bodily things?

haha it does freak me out a little, i googled what it looked like inside of a pregnant woman when the baby gets bigger and bigger, and all our organs are cramped up above the babies head and it just looks so wrong.... unfortunately, it only gets worse, im dealing with the absolute worst of the heartburn right now, i woke up in the middle of the night with it, and wanted to vomit everytime i burped, it was disgusting!


My dad calls me ''Ezio Mani" the first means an eagle, the 2nd is a jewel. And I like it as a compound name that has no relation to one another.

Kevin jonas new gilfriend?

The rumor is that he's engaged, but as Kevin said: "How can I be engaged if I don't even have a girlfriend?"

Computing Algorithm help?

What programming language are you meant to be using? A lot more information is needed to do what you're asking, it's like asking someone to talk in a language without telling them which one!

Why can't the government have my views more in mind?

Because you're a ******* idiot. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I really hope you are kidding, if not, you my friend should be the one executed.

Anyone has any idea of where i could detailed information about Felix R. Maramba Sr, a Filipino Scientist?

I am deperate need of this information, please help. or any anformation about his birthdate and where he comes from, in the Philippines??? Thanks inadvance.

Men, do you prefer body over personality or vice versa?

It's actually vice versa and yes we do like a nice body but we like to be treated properly so we do like good personalty...

I love traditions what are some traditions only your family does at the holidays or unique recipes you eat ?

My grandpa used to make oyster dressing every year at thanksgiving he died years ago but i will always remeber him for being such a good cook. He made his own recipes what does your family do that nobody els does for thanksgiving and christmas I'm also asking because i want to have some good ideas for traditions i can start for my daughters to have fond memories of after i'm gone Traditions can really help you remember loved ones plus there just fun to do.

Does It sound like my brother was ually attracted to me?

this can be due to excess of wish of getting i think that he tries to do with you because he is having a flame of doing it but as you have mentioned that he is 20 and according to my point of view how can a brother think of doing with his sister this can be due to the bad friend circle in the adolescent age i am also 16 and can understand you and one reason of this could be that your parents have not taken care of him at the age of growing you should give him one chance of being a good human and if he don't obeys you after giving a chance then you should forget about him that he is your brother..

When do syptoms from levaquin arrive?

Just ended my 10 day cycle of levaquin a week ago.I havent had any major side affects, just weird dreams .I didn't know levaquin had side affects until read about it now I'm getting worried.How long did it take to notice side affects?I had a bad strep infection & bronchitis with 103 fever.Tried cefzil and it was giving me heart palpitations & wasnt helping anything..took that for 5 days so my doctor put me on levaquin 500 mg once a day, been off of it for a week now...just feel some cracking joints.... maybe its all in my head because i am researching so much...but i am worried about this....

Joules in propane and butane?

Please note that propane and butane produce heat energy not power so the content is no joules per second but simply joules per some unit of measure either volume or weight.

Where can i get pokemon curtains!!?

i have been looking for pokemon curtain for a while now,my little girl is mad on them i would like the pokemon diamond or pearl set,i can get the quilt covers ,i am prepered to have them shipped in but i would like these new,thanks loads



Is this illegal?

I have a friend who is in jail for a couple years for something stupid. Everyone makes mistakes. Anyway, he's talked to a few people in there about starting a business. So we both can make some money. Make a brochure for gifts they can send to their loved ones on special occasions (ex: christmas, channukah, easter, birthdays, valentines...etc). They have accounts of money they receive from family & friends and they are able to write out checks to pay for things. So the plan is to have a small brochure with a couple options of gifts they can send out with a short message to their loved ones. Is this illegal?? I am a little worried. I do not want to get in trouble in any way! I am just trying to make a little extra cash! As of right now, its just an idea. I'm unsure of actually doing it. But I think about it, and they do receive magazines in jail with advertisements. So what is the difference??

Has any one else noticed/realized this about Superman?

it is an interesting statistic... I was watching a show called " Look Up In The Sky: The complete history of Superman " the other day, and they were talking about all the tv shows from the begining and I didnt realize there so many... some good and some bad and some just silly.. but I didnt realize that from Superboy on, its been 23 years in a row... very cool

Rate My Latest Computer System?

Everything looks good, though Id rather have an nvidia graphics card, personal taste, there isn't much difference.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NEED HELP! WHICH WR WEEK 12- Jennings/Boldin/Chad Johnson?

i am in that dillemma myself this week.--even more so since i have chad and(dam i forget his name-the other bengal receiver who just came back off suspension and doing well)--so i have both going up against tennessee which has a great d.--so in your case sit chad and go with farve ping to jennings on thanksgiving.--and go with boldin who just came off injury and is the go to guy no matter where he plays.

Help me figure out the name of this song will you please?

Ok some of you are great at this, so hopefully you can help me....I love this song, but don't know the name.... It is a new song that they play on like the "alternative rock" type stations or Indy rock type stations i guess. Its like a modern day country sounding song. There is both a girl and a guy singing there own parts, and part of the chorus has a lot of whistling. The name might be something to do with "last night", or "saturday night" maybe. I know this is a biiiiig stretch, but hopefully some master of music out there can help me.

Who would win these matches?

randy hopefully...batista would win but everybody would pull for rvd...lita hands down and ....eww..that last one is a have to go with edge cuz chris benoit is dead..

Favre vs. Rams or Palmer vs. Ravens??help for next weekend please!?

definately favre!!!! I have the ravens working hard and just working on the p i think palmer will have 180 yds td and 2-3 int. I think favre will have 200 yds 2 tds and 2 ints. Favre is gonna kill the rams will play action especially with AP

Vodafone wants to Invest in Bangladesh?

I saw the news on the newspaper, my attention went further to research the issue because Vodafone declined to comment whether they are in talks to takeover one of the Six mobile companies that are operating in Bangladesh. Personally I believe that, I am not a company insider but I think Vodafone is in the process of taking over AKTEL. Please share your views

With shocking revelations of Obama's un-American conduct & voters turning to McCain, will McCain-Palin triumph?

Yes, what I found most shocking was when Obama made videos in which he publicly supported the goals of the Alaskan Independence Party to secede from the United States. It doesn't get more un-American than that, and no clear thinking American should ever vote for a ticket with such a disloyal candidate on it.

I was watching tv and a scroll was saying Chavez was nationalizing the Coffee companies?

What were the folks reading in the rest of the world when the democrats took over G.M. and the investments banks.What must they think of the Obama and our country now ,we are just another banana republic with a tin-horn dictator.

Is it currently technologically possible to build, send and operate a rover on Venus?

Hi. I cannot imagine any scenario where we could learn something new about Venus by sending a human there. A robot? Much more plausible.

Can i make distilled water by just putting regular tap water in a jug and let it set?

No - the water would still have dissolved solids, although chlorine will evaporate in 24 hours. You'd still have sodium, magnesium potium, flouride if it's added to your tap water, and other impurities. You're best to buy distilled water (available at pharmacies and medical supply houses) if you need it - building your own still is a pain.

How to determine partial pressure?

A sample of potium chlorate was heated with a little manganese dioxide as a catalyst at the atmospheric pressure of 755.2 torr, and 370 mL of oxygen gas was collected in a gas container over water at 20 degrees Celsius. At 20 degrees C, what is the partial pressure of oxygen in the gas container in atmospheres? What is the volume (L) occupied by the gases, and the temp in Kelvin? How many millimoles of O2 were produced? Any help is appreciated and please please show work because I'm trying to learn this material for an exam, THANK YOU :)

I have just bought a hair straighter , Carmen CR2090,,The problem is that ....?

I have just bought a hair straighter , Carmen CR2090,,The problem is that it is mentioned that it reaches to the selected temperature in 35sec, but when I plugged it in for the first time, the light didn't become green even after 1 hour, just after 45 min. it reaches to a reasonable hot temperature, I am wonder that is the 35 sec something commercial that all of the companies mentioned or my hair straighter doesn't work properly?

Brain Teaser?

Begin both gles. When the 5-minute one ends there are two minutes remaining in the 7-minute one. After two more complete cycles of the 7-minute one, 16 mins would have elapsed.

Where are my alligator expurts?

alligators live in bathrooms and they eat dish water. an average lifespan is 46 seconds, they reproduce about 30000 times a day depended on how much they .

I keep reading posts that attempt to divorce Islamic terrorism from Islam. Why do you suppose they attack?

You see this ignorance displayed by people who A) have never bothered to study the history of Islam and B) have never bothered to read the Koran and other texts. A lot of people can't wrap their minds around the fact that Islam was NEVER a religion of peace, it is a religion of SUBMISSION (by, WowWee!, definition). Lots of folks are being jaded by their own 'new age' religion of political correctness... it erts you don't have to do the heavy lifting (research); you will be told how to think and speak. Hmm, it seems that being PC and Muslim have something in common. Holy shite, I just had an epiphany! Thanks for the help in clarifying my own opinion on this insanity. That's how I see it.

Why does Ozone have one double bond and not 2?

How come Ozone has only 1 double bond and 1 single bond and not 2 double bonds?? Theres 2 lone electrons in the central oxygen that can easily be double bond

Do I have a common blood sugar problem or is it just me?

I don't have Hypoglycemia but when ever i get stressed or tired I kind of throw hissy fits and I start crying for really no reason. Once when I was going through one of these fits my mom had one of those blood sugar testers and she tested me and I had a very low blood sugar. Once I ate something a half hour later I felt fine. Are these sudden drops in blood sugar good for you? Can they be a predecessor of something more serious?

Do kittens fart? My kitten . .?

My kitten is starting to smell really gross sometimes just when hes very comfortable and hardly sleeping or playing with something the room smells like a fart then it goes away in like 1 minute. Whats a good way to make him start farting? Without Medication. Or vet. Just a house way too. Please and thank you guys for answering. =D

Have we failed in providing a humane system when half the world lives on less than 2.5$ a day?

Clearly it is not that we dont have enough resources, but rather that we dont use them efficiently. It is an international profit based system that is at fault. This is the system that creates wars for access to resources and influence. If everything is rooted in economics, surely it a result of the global economic system. Profit is merely the degree of exploitation, so fundamentally the system is flawed. What is considered economic prosperity is caused by exploitation. No market mechanism can eliminate the ills caused by the system. Perhaps we need to look beyondwhat we've been feed and realize there is a more efficient way of organizing our resources.

How many chrosomes does a cell have and how many chromatids does each cell have at the end of meiosis I?

How many chrosomes does a cell have and how many chromatids does each cell have at the end of meiosis II?

How to get Sharpie off of couch?

My friend's little 2 year old found a sharpie and drew all over the couch with it! We both just don't know what to do about it. She wants to sell her couches before they move but wants to get the marker out (if possible) Her couch is a tan suede like fabric. If you know anyway that will get this out PLEASE let me know!

Women how would you respond to this statement on facebook?

I left facebook almost a year ago. everybody seems to get into one sentence conversations all the time. It's friggin lame.

Help !! my pierced ear hole is really big , can it be fixed ???

About 3 years ago my young son accidentally pulled my ear ring , as a result it tore the hole , it is now really big , i never put an ear ring in it for about a year hoping it would close slightly, but this never happened . It is not at all painfull , if i wear a stud ,i can almost pull it through the hole , and if i wear a drop ear ring its almost slit the whole way through !!!! does anyone know if this can be fixed ?? Can this be stiched up or clued back together ???? Because the hole is so big ,if i had my ear freshly pierced again it would be loads higher than the other side . Many thanks to anyone who can help !!!!!!!

Hypothetically, someone has split-personality disorder. 1 personality is Christian, the other is atheist?

but didnt you know? multiple personalities are caused by demon possession. so obviously all the person needs is an exorcism.

What actors/actresses play the following (Smallville)?

The full list of actors playing all the characters in Smallville is at a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

I think I could be pregnant?

I think I may have a bun in the oven, I have not took a pregnancy test yet but will be getting a tex tommorow - i had with my boyfriend a week before I hate my period, however the condom did pop and I dont know if he had any pre-*** in the condom when it did pop, that night the was very intense as I was fertile and my had swollen up as they do just before you get your period - however my period came as normal but it was really different, the blood was very pinky/red and not dark red as it usually is, after I came off my period I noticed that my did not go down its been like this for two weeks now - at work this week I have been feeling really tired and lazy could I be pregnant I know I need to get a text which I will be tommorow but my seem to be really ripe they do not hurt tho any ideas anyone

I have a /Nipple Issue?

They are normal hon. Most people have them! Even a lot of guys. I think they are probably some sort of sensory thing for babies who are nursing. When you get really warm in the shower sometimes they smooth out, but not always.

Is this love or am I being taken for a ride?

If you love her, you should stick by her, but if you think this isn't going to work, you should end it before its too late.

HMDI and PS3 Problem?

I have bought my PS3 just yesterday a 250GB/slim. I also have a 5.0m HDMI (category 2) cable. and i have a LG HD TV which can view 1080p. however when i plug the HMDI cable in, the visual and sounds of the ps3, just disappear then reappear and just keeps repeating. maybe stays black for 5seoncds, and comes back for 10seconds and back to black screen for 5seconds and so on. I just wanted to know why this is happening, and if there is any way i can fix this problem. Thanks.

Why does Cuba have a better healthcare system than the US?

Why do so many Americans die because they cant afford a decent healthcare? Yet Cuba, a dictatorship, has even a better healthcare system than the US. When will the US see this?

How can I keep my eyeliner thin, natural-looking and controlled?

It helps if you hold your eyelid down with one hand and then rest the elbow of the drawing hand on a table. Use a creamy eye pencil so you're not pulling on the eyelid and don't have to do too many strokes. Clinique has a really nice one I like and MaxFactor :)

What is the universe expanding into?

2 questions here. Ok, the universe is always expanding but what is it expanding into? Also, this is not possible but just play along. Say there was a spaceship that was like ridiculously fast and could catch up to the edge of the expanding universe. if the ship crossed over to the other side where the universe ended, WTF would happen

Can anyone help with this crochet part?

"Ch4, turn; dc in same st, Ch1"I understand what the Ch4 and turn is, but am stuck at the part where it says to do a dc in the same st." that confuses me.

What's good for me to eat?

im overweight and i already have an exercise ind weight workout but what would be a gooddiet for a 15/16 year old?

Please, help me! I need help with this pseudocode problem?

Why on earth have you got an IF statement in there? Each employee's gross pay is just the number of hours they've worked multiplied by their hourly rate. You can list them accordingly, and have a total if you want by just adding them all together.

Eastenders Spoiler.....?

So Jack's the father of Roxy's baby. Not really surprised but I have to say I kind of feel sorry for Sean. Every time he has an opportunity to show his kind side, he gets kicked down. Anyone agree?

Information on earthquakes/aftershocks please?

Living in earthquake country the best I can tell you is that the aftershocks last for years but diminish in intensity and frequency as time pes.

Ryan Giggs took his 1st Premier League penalty today, is this a sign Fergie has given up on Berbatov?

No. Giggs just has the experience and cool head to take a penalty kick easily.I honestly think Berbatov won't leave just yet but next season final chance with hernandez and macheda coming in and getting better.

I have lost the key for project r alloy wheels and need to take them of for a brake service etc..?

This happened to a mate of mine. He went to a main dealer and asked if he could borrow there keys to remove the wheels. He left them with a �250 deposit, and when he returned the keys they returned his deposit. I'm not saying all garages will do this, but its worth asking.

Breeding black neon tetra's?!?

I know I have a male/female and I read someone put 1male and female in a separate tank and within a few hours there were eggs? Could I do this? Its just there a schooling fish so I thought they shouldn't be separated. Any other info would be great, I know the temp should be around 77-80F when breeding?

Transformers toy questions, hook a brother up?

Ok well I love Mudflap and Skids as the ice cream truck. Rumor is there is a toy with them as the ice cream truck. Can someone hook me up with a conformation this exists and if it does indeed exist can I get a price, some images and size estimates? Any help will be apprecaited

Clip in streaks? 10 points?

If the clip-ins are straight then straighten your hair and maybe wash your clip-ins the same way you would with your normal hair. Not sure about the pool thing, maybe you should try a weave or glue or better quality clip-ins.

What do I need to do to get a girlfriend?

I am a 15 year old Asian boy who is very intellectual and I am very smart and I am very interested in football and formula 1. I am very confident and very reliable. The only downside is that I am disabled with Osteogenesis Imperfect or Brittle Bones which means my bones break easily. And that means I am constantly in a wheelchair and I was wondering what I need to do to get a girlfriend. Have you got any advice for me?

Pixel perfect collision RESPONSE?

Okay, so I have developed a 2d game using C++ and SFML for the graphics. I have come up with an algorithm for detecting pixel-perfect collisions. It works like this- It first checks collision circles, and then bounding boxes. It then checks in the region where the bounding boxes overlap, whether or not there are two pixels that overlap each other, and simply returns whether or not they did (No collision normals or how much they overlap or the internet distance or anything of the sorts). It works like a charm. But now that I have successfully DETECTED collision, I need to know how to RESPOND. I want to be able to push back my character out of the occluding obstacle, just knowing his speed (May or may not be zero), and whether or not he has collided. Google doesn't give me relevant results... Thanks in advance to whomever can help.

Will McCain die before ascending the throne in January '09?

I just have this hunch that McCain will die from skin cancer soon. Are we ready for Palin? I sure am.

Would you say that Carmelo Anthony is the best Small forward in the western conference?

The only person in the west thats better than him that I can think of is Tracy Mcgrady but he's not really a small you think Carmelo is the best small forward in the west?

Does the letter 'Y' have a complex from only being a part time vowel?

It seems more likely to me if the letter "Y" has any type of complex it stems from an existential angst brought on by an innate, interminable compulsion to ask the unanswerable question, "Y?" But, I believe there are other letters of the alphabet with much more serious issues. Take, for example, the ego-centric, self-absorbed letter, " I ". Even though the " I " is all-seeing, it takes little notice of "U" or anything else but itself. The letter "B" is stung because it is the only one named for an insect. The letter "C" is nothing more than a spineless doormat in all of the Spanish-speaking world; it is frazzled and overworked because it says "yes" to everything and everyone. The letter "G" must be blonde - naive and gullible, it responds with surprised incredulity to whatever it is told. Every story, however implausible, is simply accepted by the innocent "G". The most annoying letter is "R" - ever since Pirates of the Caribbean, it has not stopped pretending to be a pirate. But, the most shame and injustice has been reserved for the poorest, most abused alpha-numeric character next to the number 2 and that would be the letter P. I mean, c'mon, wouldn't your life be a mess if your name was a common euphemism for urine?!

What is the name of a band?

I'm doing a crossword puzzle and I need the name of a music group that starts with a and has 10 letters. It is related to the word surroundings. Any help would be appreciated! It starts with a and ends with e.

Why do my CDs all sound mono?

I've been burning CDs for years and suddenly this morning they play in mono only -what happened to the stereo sound? I use Windows Media Player, Magix or Real Player and they all sound the same, no stereo information, all BLAM straightforward mono! Any ideas at all why?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bankpuptcy, Want a small loan. Where do I go???????????

I donated my trucking company to help with disaster relief for hurricane Katrina. As a result I lost my regular run .(though I wasn't supposed to) I made a second trip , was supposed to be paid but wasn't. It cost me all my operating capitol to get home. I tried to recover but couldn't. So I retired on my social security and filed chapter 7. I have 3 payments (large) left on my pickup and some small debts. I want to get a small loan($3000.00 or less) to keep me in groceries and gas. I pay no rent or utilities. I don't own property. I live in a 20 yr old 5th wheel trailer on a friends ranch. Who can I turn to on a fixed income for such a small loan??? My payoff on the pickup is $1,700.00 and blue book is $10,000.00. So it seems like great collateral to me!!! IDEAS?????

Will all the usual suspects be thinking about AFL on Christmas Day ?

I'm gunna go to the Salvo's free Xmas dinner on the Esplanade. Gunna see if I can get meself a fella for the night.


The concentration of magnesium ions ( ume masnesium chloride) in sea water was zed and found to be 50.0Mmol/L. what volume of 0.200mol/L sodium hydroxide solution would be needed in an industrial process to precipitate all of the magnesium ions from 1.00ML of sea water?

Hi i have a almost new advent computer and the dvd drive (D:) which doesnt work anymore can anyone help?

Its stopped playing cds and dvds, and when you click the Dvd drive icon in computer the error msg reads D:\ Application not found. I have to confess i know next to nothing about computers so if anyone can help me please can you simpilify it as i am virtually retarded when it comes to these things. Thanks x x x x

Have you ever been sacked from a job and what for?

Got paid off in the most demeaning manner but never sacked, was sent out on a delivery run driver got a phone call to leave me there and he did. His last words were out the window "sorry mate boss has paid you off" and he drove off. 40 miles from home with no transport or money thankfully a lorry driver seen what happened and was going my way and gave me a lift.