Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ok its a long ques but pls help me!ok so i dated this guy who is a player and he cheated on me so i broke up w?

so i broke up with him..he was datin sumone else too. later after few months we got back and he cheated again! n we broke up. now he wants me to get back with me and he promises tht he wont do it again. and he is literrally beggin me to get back with him.but wat i heard is that he just likes to **** girls n dump thm. but he says hes changed! n to give him a last chance!n he promises me he wont let me down!n the thing is i like too alot! n i said ok i will give you another chance but now all my friends are firing me they all got pissed coz they had warned me b4 also n i dint lisen to thm n all tht happend now ther warning me again but he is also beggin me n he says im the perfect girl for him n he realised that now and stuff!! please helpppp what shud i doo i reely like tho but wat my frends say is also right!

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